Why are live casinos so popular?

The online gaming world used to offer only virtual casino games. If you want to play baccarat, your only option is to use software-generated tables and artificial intelligence dealers.

Such table games are still available in large numbers. But you can now also expect live dealer games.
Live casino games differ from standard virtual table games in the following ways.

  • The action is transferred from the studio or casino.
  • Real dealers work at the table.
  • You can communicate with the dealers through the chat box.
  • Real tables are used.
  • Use of real cards and other equipment ( like roulette).

Some elements of the real casino are identical to virtual games. For example, two versions of the betting interface. But in most cases, live dealer games are very different from regular online casino gambling. Its differences have helped it become more popular among players.
However, the situation regarding live casinos is not always so good. In fact, very few people play these games at first.

Slow start for live dealer games

They have been around since the mid-2000s. Some Internet casinos have introduced live dealer suits in an obvious way: bringing the physical experience into the online world.

These casinos are filling a clear gap in online gambling. But for several reasons, they did not take off immediately. Consumer Internet connectivity was not as good as it used to be. Live tables sometimes stopped working in the middle of a round. The studio and game options did not make for an interesting experience. Like many new ideas, the live casino struggled with these setbacks. It took years for them to improve to the point of widespread acceptance.

Factors in the popularity of live casinos

Many Internet casinos are now licensing live gaming software from a variety of vendors.
This is in stark contrast to 10 years ago, when live casinos had poor functionality and few users. What has triggered this change? The following reasons have all contributed to the rise of live dealer gambling.

  • Quality live casino studios

The earliest live casinos were quite modest. They had a single camera on the table and a poor virtual interface for betting options. Today, each table has multiple cameras to capture different perspectives.
The studios look better than they did in the past. Instead of blank rooms with casino tables, these studios look like real casinos. Some providers even operate in physical casinos.

  • Mobile Compatibility

When live dealer websites first appeared, they were initially only available on computers. However, the advent of smartphones has changed everything. Smartphone technology allows for better graphics and streaming quality.

  • Better Internet and Mobile Technology

As mentioned before, when live casinos were first introduced, Internet connectivity wasn’t the best. However, high-speed Internet is now available in most parts of the world. Players no longer need to worry about games freezing in the middle of a session. Instead, they can enjoy a smooth gaming experience at live dealer sites.

  • Improved Chat Functionality

One aspect that really separates the live tabletop gaming from the virtual gaming area is communication. You can interact with real dealers through the chat box. This is the most interactive experience Entertainment City has to offer.

  • Find your favorite dealer

The dealers are probably the biggest attraction of a live casino. Not only do they interact with you, but many of them are also very attractive. You can play at different dealer tables and make connections with them. Over time, you may find that you prefer one dealer over another. In this case, you can check their schedules to see what shifts they will be working. Many online casinos provide this information somewhere on their website.

How to Play Live Dealer Games

Nowadays, many online casinos are now offering these options. It is important to note that not every gaming site and provider has live games. After all, the operation and licensing of these costumes is quite expensive.

So, the first thing to do is to find a site that runs live casino games. Then you just need to deposit and register as usual at any casino. From here, you enter the gaming section of the casino.
They should clearly categorize and separate the live dealer games from the virtual table games. Therefore, before you can play live dealer games, you need to make a deposit. However, the good news is that the minimum bets at live casinos are lower than at real casinos.


Live gambling sites may not have been a hit from the start. But they are now definitely an important part of the online gaming industry. When you can’t make it to the casino, live dealer games are a suitable option. Although you may see the action on the screen, in this case the tables, dealers and cards are also real.