Common Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos have mastered the art of attracting and retaining loyal players. While factors such as a casino’s reputation and the quality of its games can attract experienced players, beginners are often concerned with casino bonuses. After all, in a world of choices, it makes no sense to sign up for nothing. But don’t just ask for everything you come across. This is because some casinos contain unrealistic bonus terms that make it impossible to withdraw bonus cash.

Online casino bonuses are basically promotions or incentives for new and existing players. New players simply need to create a casino account to receive bonuses. However, you may need to deposit a specific amount to receive a bonus. In addition, the casino may include bonus codes that are used to trigger bonuses. As for loyal players, the promotions are available with just a few deposits and real money spins. Below you will find more information about bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses

The most common online casino welcome bonus. After creating an account, the casino will offer to match your winnings up to a certain amount. All you need to do is make an initial deposit and receive the bonus.

For example, the casino may offer you a 100% welcome package of up to $100. In this case, a $100 deposit will result in a $100 bonus. Just say that the Casino will double your initial deposit to the specified amount. Please remember that bonuses are are not available for withdrawal.

No Deposit Bonus

As the name implies, new players do not need to make an initial deposit to receive this bonus. All that is required is to complete the registration process and receive the bonus. However, due to its free nature, most online casinos do not offer deposit bonuses. If you do find one, the bonus is usually between $10 and $50. Compare this to the hundreds or thousands of dollars you can earn through deposit bonuses.


Online casinos know that players can lose a lot of money and therefore need to introduce cash back bonuses. This is a loyalty program that rewards players based on the number of bets lost. Cashback promotions run once a week or once a month.

For example, the casino can offer players 50% cash back up to $50 per week. So, if you lose $50 that week, the casino will refund $25 in free bets.

VIP Levels

A VIP promotion is a loyalty program that uses a tier system, usually gold, silver and bronze. This loyalty program is usually available to the most active players who bet large amounts. Players collect points every time they climb the VIP ladder with real money bets.

But what are the benefits of gaining VIP status, which gives players access to instant withdrawals, higher betting limits, tournament invitations and special bonuses? Some casinos even offer VIP players their own personal account manager.


The casino has several slot and poker tournaments. You can join other professional gamblers in these tournaments and win mouth-watering prizes. The beauty of these events is that they are easy to join and play. Even better, the casino does not participate in these tournaments. It all depends on your skills and a little bit of luck.

But it is always checked how many people have participated in the tournament and the jackpot. For example, if 50 players pay $20, then the total prize pool will be $1,000. So, if the amount is distributed to the top ten players, the amount may be small. But if you win something, the bragging rights are yours.