Talking about the game of blackjack

Blackjack is a classic and common card game that many of you must have played when you were a kid, but of course you can also play blackjack in major casinos or online casinos to try your luck. A simple introduction to blackjack and the rules, even a novice can quickly get started!

I believe we are all familiar with the game of blackjack, which is a competition between whoever has the hand closest to blackjack and whoever wins. The legendary “Black Jack” means that when a player gets an Ace of Spades, plus a Jack of Spades or Clubs, he can get the highest prize.

The following are three special ways to play blackjack

  1. Insurance

When a player sees that the dealer’s open card is an Ace, he can consider “buying insurance”. If the dealer’s concealed card is a 10 or a J, the player will directly lose. The insurance is half the amount of the initial bet. Here are 4 possible scenarios

  • Player buys insurance

The dealer gets a Black Jack → The dealer must double the player’s insurance.

The dealer doesn’t get the Black Jack → the dealer takes the insurance money and continues to deal or match.

  • Player did not buy insurance

The dealer gets the Black Jack → the dealer takes away the player’s bet amount.

The dealer doesn’t get the Black Jack→continues to make up the cards or play the size.

2. Splitting
If you get two cards with the same number of points, the player can choose to split the cards, and the split cards must be raised by the same amount as the original bet. The special thing is that if two Aces are dealt, even if the player gets a 10 or a Jack, it cannot be considered a Black Jack, but at most a twenty-one. In other words, if the dealer also gets an ace and a 10 or Jack, then the dealer wins and not the player.

3. Double Down
When the player is sure that the hand can beat the dealer after a one-card mulligan, then the player can double the bet, which means he can get twice the price for a win. However, if you know you have the Black Jack from the start, you cannot use this betting method.